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This wall mirror was designed based on the porthole mirrors that pay homage to the windows of old ships, creating a perfect balance between modern and vintage. This item is perfect as a centerpiece to any nautical-themed home.

Add a stylish piece to any bedroom with this Melbourne Mirror. This is made from quality and responsibly sourced wood products.

A minimalist's dream. This streamlined design helps you to round out your décor with simple sophistication. Its substantial in size and works in virtually any room in your home.

A real looker. This luxe mirror seems to float within its round frame giving it depth and dimension. Perfect in an entryway or powder room. Try a pair over your nightstands for stunning symmetry.

Make an lasting impression with this stunning modern mirror. We love it hanging or resting upright on a surface. Sleek and simple, it looks perfect in a entry, bedroom or bathroom. Mirror is inset in its frame adding depth and dimension. Bottom...

This intriguing mirror with its twists and turns, dresses up walls with a minimalist and modern feel. Hang it next to a coat rack in an entryway or over a console table. We also love them hung together in multiples to create a large scale piece of...

A simple square mirror is transformed into a statement piece with its modern bamboo-style border. Its octagonal mirror adds to its mystique. Hang above a console in and entryway or in any tasteful solitary setting. This large-scaled mirror will...

A well-rounded solution. Its Smallall size and simple design is perfect for a quick look, placed anywhere in your home. Try it in a powder room or above your nightstand. We also love it in multiples in a row or scattered in a random pattern. Pair...

A welcome addition to any décor is this 31" Rattan Mirror Wall Decor - Natural.

A welcome addition to any décor is this 36" Daisy Wall Mirror- Black.

A welcome addition to any décor is this 48" 4-Mirrored Circles- Black Wb.

A welcome addition to any décor is this Metal 36" Round Mirror- Blue.

A welcome addition to any décor is this Metal Frame 28" Wall Mirror -Gold - Wb.

An oversized rectangular wall mirror with exceptional style completed with wood. This wall mirror adds texture and beauty to the décor. Hang vertically or horizontally in an entry way .

A masterwork of intricately forges iron designed to create the illusion of a floral wreath, this decorative mirror has a romantic charm. Artfully finished In antique brass, each piece gives a custom look with is own shading and tones. This...

This gorgeous mirror presented by Yosemite Home Decor will touch up your living space marvelously. Sparklingly clear glass is framed by a lovely Espresso color. This mirror will serve as a fantastic wall ornament as well as a useful home appliance.

Take home and enjoy a lovely piece of wall decor that will beautifully compliment your living space. A glistening mirror is bordered by a lovely Espresso frame. This design is both useful and gorgeous.

This mirror presented by Yosemite Home Decor is both beautiful and useful. The glistening glass is bordered with a wood frame that makes it lovely and distinguished. Take home this wall adornment and enjoy it with your friends and family today.

This neutral mirror will look marvelous in any living space. The glimmer of the glass is supported by a gray wooden frame with black trim. Bring a little beauty to your home decor with this lovely mirror.

This lovely mirror presented by Yosemite Home Decor will serve your home very well. The beauty of the glistening glass is bordered by a gray wooden frame with black trim. Your family and friends will love to use and enjoy this mirror today

You will adore how well this mirror compliments any home beautifully. The marvelously clear glass is framed with gray wood that features a black trim. Bring this wonderful design home to use and enjoy today.

A richly dark bronze frame borders this charming mirror presented by Yosemite Home Decor. This design is both neutral and pleasant. It will compliment your home fabulously. Bring it home to use and enjoy with your friends and family.

If you are looking to add a little neutral beauty to your living space this pleasant mirror is perfect for you. The mirror glistens while the dark bronze frame supports it. This design will look fantastic in your home.

Adorn your home with this beautiful mirror design that is both neutral and beautiful. A deep bronze borders the marvelously clear glass that will grant welcome reflections. Bring this mirror home to use and enjoy today.

Welcome some graceful style into your home with this mirror presented by Yosemite Home Decor. The mirror is bordered by a beautiful mix silver/gold iridescent frame with delicate block designs. Take this design home to use and enjoy today.

Products 1-25 of 13279
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